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CDI System
3dcd, LLC (a joint venture of OpSec Security and Technicolor) chose Interwoof to help develop 3dcd’s CDI (Coherent Diffractive Imaging) technology. 3dcd’s CDI system uses advanced graphic design software and high-speed signal processing technology to record unique super-resolution diffractive images using conventional optical disc laser beam recorders. CDI diffractive imagery has been used since 2010 by major software producers and optical disc manufacturers to protect over one hundred million CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs made at more than 10 secure manufacturing locations worldwide. Interwoof wrote the sophisticated software used by graphic designers to create the CDI design files, and further engineered the advanced signal processing equipment integrated to the laser beam recorders for recording the CDI imagery.
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Interwoof developed a RF (Radio Frequency) paper encoding/decoding system for Glatfelter, a major manufacturer of specialty papers. The system allows rapid verification of the unique RF signatures in individual sheets of paper. This technology has wide applicability for counterfeit detection in a broad range of high value documents.
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